Zhezkazgan-Beyneu Railway

Residential, welfare and cultural purpose objects design.

Project provides construction of housing and culture objects on the next stations and separate plot points on the Shalkar-Beyneu line:

  • 1. Shalkar station 
  • 2. Baikadam station
  • 3. Turush station
  • 4. Shukur station
  • 5. Tassay station
  • 6. Kursay station
  • 7. Sam station
  • 8. Beyneu station



  • 1. Zhanak
  • 2. Sankibay
  • 3. Zharkum
  • 4. Toksanbay
  • 5. Terekty


The number of buildings, housing and community facilities at the stations, that consists of semi-detached houses with outbuildings, two-storey houses, kindergartens, schools, clinics, medical assistant -obstetric points and the necessary buildings and facilities engineering, were calculated on the basis of amount of available personnel and service facilities in the existing Shalkar-Beyneu line settlements. 

Buildings housing and recreation stations landscaped and equipped with all kinds of engineering: water supply, sewerage, heating, electricity, low-voltage devices, communications, gas (only for stations Shalkar and Beyneu).


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